Saturday, 26 February 2011

How To - Add Social Media Buttons Including Facebook Like To Your Google Site

Hello, I'm Becky and welcome to my first blog.

Using social media buttons to share your site or content is easy and expected by your visitors.

Social buttons or icons facilitate the sharing of your site, content or blog and are now a linchpin of social media. It’s not enough to simply produce content these days. Your fans (hooray for them!) want a gizmo (I prefer gizmo to gadget) in place to allow them to share what they have read or seen with their family, friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter etc. Lucky for us there are some great tools out there.

Next I have featured my top 3.

1. AddThis is my favourite. All you have to do is join, and it's free! However it does not work on google sites. All is not lost as good news! The amazing guys at AddThis have provided us with a google sites gadget. Go to your site, hit edit page and place your cursor where you want your social media buttons. Click on insert then more gadgets, in the search box type addthis6 and add the gadget (height 32 pixels width 180 pixels). Check it out working on this home page
You can customise the gizmo when you select it such as changing the background colour or even which buttons you want to display.

2. Sharethis is another great option. It is very useful, they have a powerful market place and can reach 400+ million people or 50 social media channels! Albeit brilliant if you can access your html but yet again it does not work for google sites. I like to fight the good fight so I have emailed them asking for a google sites gadget.

3. If you don't want a gizmo you can simply insert an image on your site and link it to your facebook group page or to your tweets etc.

You can get your hands on a list of free, creative social buttons from Open Source Hunter. There are 128 to choose from, but, remember they are for you to link yourself. Check out the twitter and facebook buttons working on this site's home page:
If you literally only care about who likes your site grab a code from the facebook developers.

I hope that this has inspired you to add social media buttons to your site/blog etc.

Becky x

PS: What is your favourite social media site? Need some help? Visit